May 11, 2021

We have transitioned to a New Look

We are excited to share the new look of our refreshed logo with you.

Why are we changing our logo?

Since its inception, Expert Education & Visa Services has been using its existing logo. Over the past 18 years, our business has evolved globally, expanding our services to provide high-end education and migration consultation services to our clients worldwide. Our service portfolio now includes study abroad options to Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Singapore, with further plans to expand to other countries. Our global presence has reached 13 countries, including South Asian, East Asian, South-East Asian and African countries. With the expansion into new territories, we have identified a need to update our logo, giving it a modern and fresh look that reflects our mission, values and excellence in the services we offer. The new logo seeks to convey this evolution.

How did we do it?

We ran a competition public competition in November last year, inviting all enthusiast designers to help us in creating a new fresh look for our logo. We received an overwhelming response from 500+ designer who submitted 800+ creations. The logo committee shortlisted six designers and selected India based designer Amir Khan as the competition winner in February 2021. After polishing the winning design to give it the desired look, we revealed our fresh look in March earlier this year. 

This is what our new logo looks like:

Expert Education and Visa Services Logo

So what does our new logo reflect?

The new Expert Education & Visa Services logo comprises two key elements: the logo symbol and our company’s name. The Logo Symbol illustrates years of experience in the education industry. The Logo Type has been carefully calligraphed using special typeface and letter styling, perfectly complementing the logo symbol. Together, the Expert Education & Visa logo symbolises trust, expertise and years of knowledge. The new logo is expected to connect us with new audiences while maintaining our current client base.

What has not changed?

While we have changed our logo and given it a fresh and modern look, what remains the same is the level of quality service that we deliver.

What changes can be expected?

In the coming months, we will be updating our collateral and communication assets with the new logo. We understand that completing this change will take a long time and expect to fully transition to the new look by the end of this year.

Without your support, this would not have been possible. We expect to receive the same love, support and trust from you in the future.