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COVID-19 Pandemic event
visa (Subclass 408)

COVID-19 Pandemic event visa (Subclass 408)

Subclass 408

COVID-19 Pandemic event visa (Subclass 408) for critical sector workers in Australia

Australian authorities have been taking precautions regarding the pandemic caused by COVID- 19. It has created a unique set of challenges for the government authorities, citizens, students and people working here on working visa. The Government of Australia has recently introduced a temporary visa known as COVID-19 Pandemic event visa (subclass 408) to allow non -residents working in critical industry sectors stay in Australia for an extended time. The critical sectors are health care, aged care, disability care, agriculture, food processing and child care.

An applicant can lodge this visa only if s/he is working in a critical sector and has 28 days or less remaining of the current visa or the last substantive temporary visa expired less than 28 days ago. It is possible to include the family members when lodging the visa application or any time before the visa decision is made. All applicants must meet the health and character requirements during the visa period. The work rights are limited to those who are granted COVID-19 pandemic event visa to continue working in the critical sector.

COVID-19 pandemic event visa eligibility

To be eligible to apply for this visa, applicants must:

  • Be in Australia
  • Have 28 days or less remaining of the current visa or the last substantive temporary visa expired less than 28 days ago
  • Provide evidence of work in one of the critical sectors
  • Be able to support themselves and family members while living in Australia
  • Meet the Australian Government’s health and character requirements
  • Have sufficient health cover
  • Prove the genuine intent to stay in Australia temporarily
  • Have any debt paid back to the Australian Government or have a formal agreement to pay it back
  • Have not had any visa applications refused, or visa cancelled previously
  • Acknowledge and sign the Australian Value Statement

COVID-19 Pandemic event visa

Cost and processing time

Applicants are not required to pay the visa application charge for COVID-19 pandemic visa. Other associated costs may include costs for health checks, police certificates and biometrics

The processing time for this visa is not available.

Visa Duration

Being a temporary visa, it does not have a specific duration. The grant letter will have information regarding how long the applicants can stay in Australia, and this visa cannot be extended.


It is possible to travel outside Australia while the visa is valid and when no travel restrictions are in place. It is important to note that the time spent outside of Australia will not extend the visa.

Pandemic Visa Obligations


All applicants and their families must comply with the visa conditions associated with this visa subclass. Applicants are also required to follow the Australian laws, public health directions, and must not engage in activities intended to harm the work, training or job conditions of Australian citizens or permanent residents. More information on visa conditions can be found here (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/already-have-a-visa/check-visa-details-and-conditions/see-your-visa-conditions?product=408-57).

Lodging your COVID-19 Pandemic event visa

Do you qualify to apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic event visa? Our team of registered migration agents will help you understand the entire process, prepare all the required documents and lodge your application. Just leave your contact details, and our team will contact you soon.