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Insurance (OSHC)

Employer Sponsored Visas

Insuarance for students who are migrating is an essential component as your migration period is more than 06 months. When you are student who migrate to another country, you need insuarance to keep you protected. From one country to another the insurance cover and policies differ. It is a must that the students have an insurance cover so as to study in a foreign country and the relevant Universities provide you with the options as well. With the emergence of COVID 19 Pandemic there is a newly added COVID coverage included in many insurance options as well. At Expert you will always be guided to identify the requirements.

Insuarance Coverage in UK - IHS

Unlike in Australia, the process of medical insurance polices are tough and fixed. The IHS, Immigration Health Surcharge relates to National Health Service (NHS) in United Kingdom. If you are a student who are migrating on student visa to stay more than 6 months in United Kingdom, as a part of your visa application you need to pay for IHS and it is a fixed comppnent on UK Visa process as it is offered by UK Government.

What is Overseas Student Health Cover ?

For the duration of your stay on student visa in Australia, it is a condition that you need to main the Overseas Student Health Cover. This form of health cover keeps helps you with your medical, hospital care and hazard care while you are abroad. OSHC also comprised of limited pharmaceuticals and ambulance cover. Australian policies about insurance coverage is more flexible than the other countries. There are many options that are offered by Australia according to your budget. Some of the famous health insurers in Australia are Allianz Care and BUPA Australia. At Expert we'll help you with choosing the best option


With the emergence of COVID 19 Pandemic there is a newly added COVID coverage included in OSHC. In OSHC, it included a new cover for Coronavirus (COVID – 19) related illnesses.

The students who are on student visa and having OSHC coverage, are entitled to this option as well.