Message from Director

Director’s Message

Welcome to Expert Education and Visa Services Leading Education and Migration consultancy agency in Sri Lanka with a well-established reputation in the current market with quality deliverance of services for the students who desire to grow their academic and professional pathways. At Expert Education, We assist you to escalate your dreams of studying abroad. Expert Education and Visa Services is specialised in providing a wide range of authentic services to students who are aspired to migrate to countries such as Australia, UK, USA and Canada. Embracing transparency and trustworthiness through the Expert counselling process, we are excelled at providing the Sri Lankan students the finest genuine solutions for their needs. With the help of our Expert team, we provide you with accurate information about the whole process. It is our mission to provide you with reliable and transparent advice to guide you, help you and make you go forward with all your goals and dreams of higher education and take pride in delivering quality visa services. We are well recognized and partnered with 1000+ Education partners in order to cater for your exact needs. With our professionalism and passion in the industry, we are diverse, optimistic and confident about the facilities we provide. We have lodged more than 50000+ visa applications and we are thriving towards success. Expert Education is a safe haven to everyone who are dreaming of new beginnings. We would like to extend our gratitude for all the clients, well-wishers, agents, partners, and all the institutions from the partnered countries that are joined with us in promoting our vision and for being a huge part of our mission as well. We like to assure all our students and clients that we would always commit our best in making your higher education needs fulfilled. Best Regards Director of Expert Education and Visa Services

Venura De Silva